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Titan MkV


Min Flight Time


Kg Payload


km/hr Speed


min Recharge

Industrial UAVs For Industrial Applications

The Titan has been designed and manufactured for real-world commercial use. Comprising primarily of carbon fibre, the frame is light yet rugged. The Unique design can be packed down into the boot of most vehicles, making it easy to take to any job. The Titan has a quick release payload system making it suitable for numerous applications. It’s made for real work, helping add value to your business.

Safety Features

When it comes to commercial applications safety is our highest priority. Titan has been engineered to keep you and your payload protected.

Motor Redundancy

The Titan is equipped with redundant motors. This means it can safely operate during motor loss.

Communication Redundancy

What if you lose comms between the Titan and your Ground Station? The Titan is equipped with a secondary manual control link for immediate override. What if it's out-of-range? The Titan has an on-board connection to the mobile network. What if there is no coverage where you are flying? The Titan is connected to GPS satellites. This means that if all else fails, it can always return home.


Titan is equipped with two batteries. Intelligent battery load sharing ensures that the batteries are used evenly. If one of the batteries fails in-flight, the Titan can operate on one, giving the operator time to get it to the ground.

Automated Flight Control

Don't know how to fly a drone? Don't panic, the Titan flies itself! Sophisticated ground control software means all you need to do is tap where you need it to be on a map and hit fly!




Small Pack-down Size

This is a big drone that packs small. The Titan can be quickly setup and taken down allowing it to fit in most consumer vechicles. Don’t let the size of you car restrict the work you can do.

Interchangeable Payload System

A quick release payload system is built on each drone. This means you don’t need multiple drones for multiple jobs. Each payload is custom built in-house for your specific application. When you need to tackle new applications simply contact us for your next payload. No new drones required.

Custom Electronic Design

All drones are powered by electronics built in-house by electrical engineers. All parts are thoroughly tested and quality is assured. If you have specific needs the current market has not met, our engineers can build it for you.



Forward Speed: 20 m/s (Software Limited)
Ascent Speed: 5 m/s
Descent Speed: 3 m/s
Service Ceiling: 6000 MASL (Calculated)
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 60°C
Maximum Wind Speed: 30 knots

Overall Size (D): 3000 mm
Height (H): 420 mm
Weight (No Payload): 18 kg

Pack Down (w/ Supporting Components):
– 80 x 52 x 32 cm (x3) Wheeled case.
– 104 x 33 x 31 cm (x1) Wheeled case.

Position Signal Tracking

Auto switching, dual redundant GPS (120 channel primary receiver).

– Single Point L1 = 1.5 m
– Single Point L1/L2 = 1.2 m
– SBAS4 = 60 cm
– DGPS = 40 cm
– RTK = 1 cm + 1 ppm

Initialization Time: <10 s (>99.9% Reliability)

Simultaneous tracking of:
– GPS L1, L2 L2C, L5
– BeiDou B1, B2
– Galileo E1, E5a, E5b, AltBOC
– SBAS QZSS & L-Band

Supports Internet based correction services in real time.


– 5.8 GHz (ISM) encrypted WiFi for short range (1 km) telemetry and control.
– Advanced IP routing with on-board DHCP server.
– Wired 10/100 Ethernet throughout aircraft
– Manual control via 2.4 GHz hand controller.
– Optional 4G Internet (direct to aircraft) for unlimited telemetry range subject to provider coverage.

Payload Interface

– Detachable from main body of aircraft.
– 24V nominal power and 10/100 Ethernet interface over a single cable.
– Active over current protection.
– API for all aircraft systems available for customer payload development.

Ground Station

– 6 channel manual RC.
– Windows based rugged tablet.
– Titan ground station software.


– Dual 30Ah LiPo (20.5V to 25V Range).
– Operating Temp 0°C to 60°C (performance de-rated at lower temperatures).

– Dual 1200W AC/DC charging system.
– 35 min maximum charge time.

– ADSB Transponder.
– Spare batteries.
– Satellite Communications (Iridium).
– Military band RF comms system.